Lady Sees Crying Man Forced To Throw Package In Trash – Heartbreaking

Extreme Trends presents Lady Crying Man forced to throw away package in airport trash, what she digs out is heartbreaking. Flying can be both exciting and exhausting. It’s exciting because you get to see the clouds up close, but it’s exhausting because of the long lines and the incredibly ridiculous list of items that are banned from a plane. The Transportation Security Authority in the United States, otherwise known as the TSA, have extremely strict guidelines for what is and is not allowed in hand luggage on flights.

Both international and American passengers are routinely surprised or dismayed to hear what they can’t take on board. And what one man had in the package concealed in his carry-on bag raised a huge red flag for the TSA agents on duty. One day, Florida resident Evilest Hernandez was in St. Petersburg Clearwater Airport waiting for her flight, heading to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her boyfriend, Rico Bankston, drove her to the airport and was accompanying her up to the security line so she doesn’t have to wait all by herself.

Lady Sees Crying Man Forced To Throw Package In Airport Trash, And What She  Digs Out Is Heartbreaking – New Arena

It was a pretty normal day and nothing was out of the ordinary, except they noticed that one man was taking longer than usual in the bag inspection. The couple had noticed that the security was refusing to let one man pass through with a certain package. They didn’t know what the item was, but whatever it was, it seemed like something of value to the man. Evilest and Ricoh watched as the man in front of them grew more and more distressed.

He even tried to bargain with the TSA agent and ask if the item could be sent to the airport’s lost and found instead of the trash. The TSA agent refused his request and told him that he should deposit the item in the nearest trash bin. Even listen, Rico saw that the man was very distraught and almost in tears, but he eventually obliged. The couple was upset by what they saw and so Evilest had an idea. As she kissed and hugged her boyfriend goodbye, she also left him with a mission, and that was to find the item that was thrown into the trash bin. Because Reka wasn’t going to pass through security, he would be able to retrieve the item without a problem. As soon as Evilest landed, she immediately turned her phone on to call Ricoh and ask if he found the item. He told his girlfriend that he did and that he had already unwrapped it inside.

He found a snow globe. But it was not just an ordinary snow globe. When he looked at it closer inside, it was a photograph of a little girl on one side. And on the other side was a photograph of an elderly couple. The words, We love you, Katie, Nanna and Papa. One twenty-five last sixteen was engraved underneath the globe to easily send Rico. Both decided that it was an important snow globe. So when Evilest went back home to Florida, she took a picture of it and posted it on social media, hoping that her post would reach whoever owns it. Soon enough, her post became viral and was reposted 48000 times. Finally, it reached someone who could help them find the owner.

Evilest received a message from an employee of a gift shop called Things Remembered. What she did was sent the picture back to the company headquarters in Ohio to see if they can pinpoint the exact order. After a while, the headquarters responded with the name Linda Madrie. Apparently, Linda had ordered the snow globe, especially for her five-year-old granddaughter, Katie, and her dad was supposed to deliver it to her. But because of what happened at the airport, Katie had never received the gift.

Woman sees crying man forced to throw package in airport trash. What she  digs out is heartbreaking - Good Times

Luckily, Linda lived in Everleigh Enrico’s area. So as soon as Linda caught wind of what was happening, she immediately contacted the police and went to her place with a lovely bouquet of flowers. Linda told Evilest that the snow globe was a present for Katie’s birthday, and the date inscribed underneath the globe was the date of Katie’s adoption and the beginning of her journey as a member of the family. Linda wasted no time and called her grandchild to tell her that she was able to retrieve her snow globe. And Katie was beaming with happiness. Linda vowed to pack it more carefully and put it in her checked luggage before taking it back to Ohio to her excited granddaughter.

Lady Sees Crying Man Forced To Throw Package In Airport Trash, And What She  Digs Out Is Heartbreaking – Page 16 – New Arena

After Evilest posted her story on Facebook and on the page Love What Matters, she got incredible feedback and admiration for paying it forward and making a small but important gesture that had a huge impact on one family’s life. Now, two years later, after the Snow Globe incident, Evilest is now blessed with carrying her very own baby. We have no doubt she’ll be a great mother who will teach her child great values after what she did for Katie Madrie, the story of Evilest and her boyfriend is a great reminder that going above and beyond for a stranger can really leave a lasting mark. You don’t have to have a lot of money or give anything fancy. Sometimes just sharing your time can mean the world to someone.

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