World’s Most Protected Celebrities. God-Level Bodyguards

At first glance, being famous is all about having a lot of money influence crowds of fans. And a huge number of opportunities, however, no matter who you are, there are always ups and downs, and celebrities, of course, are no exception. They have to deal with increased attention to their personal life, tremendous pressure, a busy schedule and a constant threat to their lives or time.

And their fortune, in order to protect themselves, celebrities hire special people, some of them go one step ahead and hire a whole staff of bodyguards. So today we’ll talk about the most heavily guarded celebrities on the planet. Let’s get it on.

7. Beyonce and Jay-Z

Jay-Z and Beyoncé pose in an elevator in apparent homage to fight

Beyonce and Jay-Z, the last heroes of our video for today, are an influential married couple adored in almost all corners of the world. The only problem is when a large number of people love you, things can get crazy. Sometimes Beyonce and Jay-Z always have to deal with being very famous. The trouble may happen anywhere. For example, in 2013, during a concert in Brazil, a fan nearly pulled Beyonce off the stage. He just wanted to hug the beloved celebrity, but something went wrong. Surprisingly, the singer did not get angry. Quite the contrary. She asked the guards to leave the guy alone and then even met him in person listening. But Jay-Z wasn’t happy about it soon after the incident. He spent an extra four million dollars for additional security. Another incident happened in August. Twenty eighteen, the married couple was about to leave the stage when a drunk fan followed them backstage.

Fortunately, security reacted quickly. Beyonce and Jay-Z hire a huge number of guards for every concert. Five hundred behind the scenes and about 300 disguised guards in the crowd. As for personal protection, the celebrities are accompanied by three bodyguards.

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