World’s Most Protected Celebrities. God-Level Bodyguards

4. Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather's Miami birthday bash shuttered by cops

If while walking around New York, you see a huge crowd of buff intimidating guys. Don’t be scared. Perhaps this is not a dangerous gang of civilian hunters, but just a team of bodyguards of the famous boxer. It doesn’t matter that Floyd Mayweather can knock out an ordinary person with just one blow. Even he finds it important to feel safe the way to Mayweather.

His four favorite guards exceed 600 kilograms. Compared to these giants, the boxer looks tiny, although it’s difficult to call him that. Security guards accompany the celebrity everywhere to the store, to the gym, to the resort.

Mayweather loves expensive jewelry, carries a lot of money with him, which makes him a tempting target for criminals and his guards understand this. Well, in April, twenty eighteen unknown shooters tried to kill the famous boxer. At night, an unknown car caught up with the celebrity entourage, after which the shooters fired several shots. Fortunately, Mayweather was not injured.

One bullet struck the leg of one of his bodyguards, so he had to spend some time in the hospital to recover.

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