World’s Most Protected Celebrities. God-Level Bodyguards

3. Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi Adds Budweiser And OrCam Endorsements Ahead Of Barcelona  Season Kickoff

Football fans around the world are famous for their explosive character and extreme loyalty to their football clubs. Each truly famous football player, on the one hand, has an army of fans, but on the other one, of course, thousands upon thousands of haters.

Because when you are devoted to one football club, it’s too easy to hate its rivals. So no wonder that the Argentine footballer, Lionel Messi, was included in our list today.

Unfortunately, even a person who has been repeatedly recognized as the best football player has something to be afraid of.

For example, last summer, Messe was on vacation in Abaza when suddenly an unknown person attacked him. The bodyguards reacted instantly.

But frankly speaking, it seems to us that in this case, it was the unknown assailant who was lucky because, given the number and intensity of his workouts, he is more than capable of fending for himself. Another incident happened in twenty sixteen in Dublin.

After the game, Messi and his teammates were leaving the football field when suddenly a fan jumped down from the stands to them. Later, it was revealed that he simply wanted to hug a football star. But imagine if it were not a fan. It’s good that Messi, his bodyguards, reacted so fast. Wherever Lionel goes, he is followed by at least two reliable bodyguards. And no matter how much he pays them, he clearly doesn’t mind it. In twenty sixteen, it became known that the Argentine Football Association failed to pay salaries to security officials for six months. When Messi found out about this, he immediately volunteered to pay the required amount from his own account. It’s a pity that no one disclosed the amount in question.

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