World’s Most Protected Celebrities. God-Level Bodyguards

1. Kim Kardashian

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When you are among the highest-paid people on the planet and millions of people follow your every step, thinking about your safety is not such a bad idea. All the members of the famous Kardashian family have always led a very open lifestyle. At first, we could watch them on a television show. Then they all created their Instagram accounts where the Kardashians boasted about their wealth.

This publicity ended, sadly for Kim Kardashian. In 2016, the celebrity was attacked by robbers who stole her jewelry worth about 10 million dollars today. Kim no longer makes such mistakes, and that’s why she deserved to be mentioned today.

What measures did she take to prevent such incidents from happening again? Oh, get ready to hear about it. In total, she spends about seven million dollars to ensure her safety, seven million dollars a year. Sources close to the celebrity claim that after what she had gone through during her robbery, she no longer cares about the money. The most important thing for her is to feel safe. Everything for every. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, Kim is under the supervision of specially trained people, her mansion in California is located in an enclosed, guarded area. But this is not enough for Kim. There are guards both in the house and around it. Literally on every corner. Kim travels in an armoured car accompanied by a whole team of trained armed bodyguards. The celebrities simply can’t fall asleep unless at least four bodyguards are on duty behind the door of her bedroom.

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